Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions set out how to use the internet store on http://www.a158.pl (Store) in accordance with the Act of the 30th of May 2014 on consumers’ rights (Journal of Law 2014 item 827).

  1. The legal owner of the website http://www.a158.pl and the internet store on it is Agnieszka Gębska who conducts business under the name Małe Studio Agnieszka Gębska. Norwida 15/1, registered with CEIDIG. NIP –  6652751327, REGON – 361404700.
  2. All prices found in the Store are in the Polish Zloty and Euro and include VAT. They do not include delivery costs.
  3. The Store reserves the right to change merchandise prices on offer, introduce new merchandise and launch promotional actions on the Store web pages. No change to the terms and conditions of order, including price, shall be made after the order has been placed by the customer.
  4. The Store customers shall be natural persons who have full capacity for legal actions, legal persons, as well as organizational entities who are not legal persons but who have legal capacity. Any activities related to using the Store services on behalf of legal persons and organisational units shall be undertaken exclusively by persons authorized to represent those entities (Customer).


  1. Placing an order by the Customer constitutes conclusion of contract.
  2. The merchandise ordered by the Customer is delivered to the address included in the order form.
  3. Order completion takes from 3 up to 10 working days from the date of placing the order. The above clause does not apply to merchandise with extended delivery time and custom-made orders. In case of custom-made orders delivery time is agreed individually.
  4. The ordered merchandise is shipped via Poczta Polska or UPS courier company.
  5. Payments for the purchased merchandise can be made: 
    1. – via a bank transfer on the Store bank account; mBank 57 1140 2004 0000 3402 7547 5843
    2. – via an electronic transfer using Przelewy24.pl or PayPal;
    3. – cash on delivery (payment made upon collection).
  6. The Customer may not pay for part of the order in advance, only to pay for the remaining part upon collection. The Customer is informed about the payment time for the order, including the delivery method.
  7. Delivery costs are paid for by the Customer and are added to the final order cost depending on the delivery method chosen by the Customer, the order value and the place of delivery.
  8. The Store is obliged to inform the Customer about potential delays in delivery, while the Customer may uphold his order or cancel it. The customer shall inform the shop about their decision within 3 days from the date they were notified of the delay.
  9. The store has the right to cancel the order 7 working days after the order was placed by the customer if the payment for the order has not been credited on the store account (according to the chosen method of payment: e-payment or bank transfer).
  10. All merchandise purchased in the Store is accompanied with an original receipt or a VAT invoice.

RETURN (withdrawing from the contract) and EXCHANGE OF MERCHANDISE

  1. The client who is a consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of receiving the merchandise. The right applies to the Consumer in cases defined in Article 10 Paragraph 3 of the Act on protection of certain rights of consumers and on liability for the damage caused by a dangerous product.
  2. In order to exercise their legal right of revocation the Client has to inform the Store in writing about their decision to withdraw from the contract via the ordinary post or electronic post info@a158.pl within 14 days.   
  3. The Client may use the withdrawal from the contract form (dostępny tutaj), however, this is not obligatory.
  4. The merchandise should be returned to the company address (ul. C.K. Norwida 15/1; 60-867 Poznań) along with the proof of purchase and the information about the account number which the Store should use to reimburse the payment.
  5. The delivery cost of the returned goods is paid in full by the client. 
  6. The Store does not accept parcels labelled 'cash on delivery’.
  7. The reimbursement of the paid amount will be made within 7 working days after receiving the parcel.
  8. By agreement with the Store, the client may exchange the merchandise within 14 days after they received it. In such an event he or she should contact the Store and complete the exchange form. :)
  9. In the event of exchange of goods the sum paid by the Client shall count towards the payment of the new merchandise. The difference in price arising from the exchange shall be, according to the circumstance, paid by the Client or reimbursed by the Store.


  1. The seller undertakes to deliver goods free from defects.
  2. If the client receives goods that are damaged or non-conformant with the order, he or she should send them back to A158, ul. C. K. Norwida 15/1; 60-867 Poznań, along with the complaint slip.
  3. All complaints shall be considered within 14 working days from their delivery date. The reimbursement of the amount due shall be made within 7 working days after the complaint was given positive recognition.


  1. Personal data are protected according to the law of 29.081997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws no 133, item 883) and are inaccessible by third parties.
  2. By accepting these terms and conditions the Client consents to receiving trade information and having his personal data processed in accordance with the law of 29.08.1997 regarding the Protection of Personal Data (J. of L. No 133, item 883). 


  1. Placing an order is considered synonymous with getting oneself familiarized with these terms and conditions.